Can You Restump A House Yourself? | Ballarat Restumping

You shouldn’t try restumping yourself without professional knowledge and consulting with a restumping contractor. Restumping is a technical job requiring physical labor, proper tools, and building knowledge to complete.

This article will explain whether you should or should not restump your house by yourself and the possible risk involved when you DIY restump.

Is DIY Restumping A House Possible?

DIY restumping is only possible if you have adequate knowledge about it. Otherwise, it is not suggested to do it yourself like other DIY projects.

What are the Risks of DIY restumping? (h3)

– You may jeopardise the structure’s integrity

– Restumping can be dangerous

– You can face compliance issues with your local housing authority.

If you reside around Ballarat, It is recommended to consult with a local restumping contractor who has experience reblocking in Ballarat.

Restumping Can Be Complex

The process of restumping or reblocking is complex. Therefore, it should be done by certified foundation repair contractors or structural engineers with prior experience. The job involves multiple steps, including digging around the stumps, removing damaged or old stumps, replacing them with new stumps, and backfilling the holes around them.

Small mistakes can bring costly repairs or injury. For instance, if the holes you dig aren’t deep enough, the new stumps will be set high, leading to an unstable surface that moves.

Restumping Can Be Dangerous

Without maintaining proper safety standards and tools, it can lead to brutal accidents. A few risks associated with restumping include –

  • Personal injury working with heavy tools.
  • Short-term to long-term damage to your property if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Over-correcting relevel can worsen the cracks.
  • Lead to compliance issues with your housing property.

Restumping Requires Experience

If you’re going to restump your house, it’s essential that you have relevant experience; if not, you could make costly errors. In addition, without the right level of experience, you might install the stumps incorrectly, resulting in serious structural problems down the line.

If you want to know how much time require to complete your restumping project, check our article on how long does restumping take.

What About A Warranty On Restumping?

When working with a licensed contractor, you will get warranties on the restumping work performed. Also, don’t forget to ensure that your restumping contractor has a license to work as a builder in the same state you reside. This will ensure the job is done well and up to code, with the building authority’s stamp of approval.

You won’t be able to claim a warranty if you try to restump your home yourself. Also, in some states, your home insurance will be compromised if you don’t take service from licensed contractors.

Always use a reblocking contractor

You should always hire a reblocking contractor to complete the task for you. The reason for this is:

  • They are competent and have a good understanding of the task.
  • They have the tools and equipment they need.
  • They have a warranty for the quality of their workmanship and materials.
  • There will be no concerns about compliance.
  • Investing in a local contractor will save you time and money.

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